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Mirror TV (MNews) is the first new cable news channel in Taiwan in over a decade.

In Taiwan’s crowded news media market, Mirror TV stands out because we focus on diversity, culture, and giving a voice to the disadvantaged. We are professional, in-depth, and international in our perspective.

We believe news media is much more than a for-profit business. A reputable news organization is the backbone of a democratic society. Our mission is to hold the government accountable by keeping our viewers well-informed and actively engaged in the public discourse.

Mirror TV values independent reporting. We strive to uphold journalistic integrity, free of interference from the government and commercial interests. We especially pride ourselves on our investigative reporting; we also introduced the country's first news ombudsman system to independently investigate viewers’ critique of accuracy and balance in our coverage.

In our operations, Mirror TV prioritizes sustainability over profit, self-regulation, high production standards, talent cultivation, responding to audience complaints, legal compliance, social responsibility, and defending the interests of the public.

Our ultimate goal is to raise the quality of TV news reporting by creating the most trusted news channel in Taiwan.

更新時間 2022.04.26 10:54